Who am I

Hello, I'm Jost

Two years prior to my birth, my parents had an extraterrestrial close encounter.  This was astonishing for two people raised and living at the time in rural North Florida where such occurrences were never even considered amidst Deep South fundamentalism. 

I was born Easter Sunday at dawn on 1 April 1956.  The special date would later prove to be significant as my life unfolds.  Betrayal and crucifixion, death and rebirth, transformation and transcendence cycles have permeated my life.

Upon my birth, the attending physician informed my parents I was born with Poland Syndrome – a birth defect characterized by essential chest and back muscles missing.  According to the prognosis, my right arm wasn’t to develop beyond an infant’s flipper.

However, despite the dictates of medical science, my right arm did miraculously grow and develop somewhat.  I would later become an accomplished concert pianist in New York City, a nationally-exhibited fine art photographer, a culinary artist and local food columnist, a yoga instructor, and owner/trainer of a Pilates studio.   Additional professional venues have been pursued, as well.

I won’t bore you further with details about all I’ve accomplished in other professional fields.  Spiritual transformation, consciousness expansion and ascension out of 3D karmic cycles have been the decisive factors and determining barometers in the ongoing evolution of my soul.

At the age of four, I had an extraordinary angelic visitation.  The event left an indelible impression on my developing psyche that remains palpable today..  This event was an initiation of sorts into higher dimensions when I came to learn life is so much more than what is seen in 3D – or indoctrinated by “factual science”. 

I’ve been a professional psychic for over 30 years, although I exhibited psychic gifts since childhood.  Prophetic dreams have materialized into reality.  I’ve had numerous inexplicable “cosmic experiences” throughout my life – including ET visitations that transported me into the outer limits of the multiverse and led me on an altogether different life trajectory than my traditional background would’ve ordinarily fostered.

The mystical, esoteric realm has enveloped me since an early age.  I was fascinated by Quija boards and conducted seances for the neighborhood kids at nine – until I scared the bejesus out of us when “spirits” arrived.  Circa 1970, at the age of 14, I discovered the Seth material channeled by trance-medium Jane Roberts.  The Seth books provided a voice that further explained the meaning of previous woo-woo experiences and “the nature of personal reality” of which I had no former frame of reference.

We live in a seemingly random, mystical world where there are no coincidences.  While living in Manhattan in 1984, I was invited to join a small, intimate group led by trance-medium channel, Van Zandt Ellis.  As hard as it is to believe, he was “guided and instructed” to find me among the other millions of New York strangers.  As providence would have it, Van Zandt was a protégé of Jane Roberts.  Prior to her death, Ms. Roberts passed the mantle of Seth to him.  Thus, 16 years later, I was in the “presence” of Seth – and other non-localized entities channeled through Van Zandt.  The group discussed and was taught esoteric topics decades before these became mainstream today.

I was an active member of this coterie for four years until Van Zandt’s death in 1988.

Through it all, instruments of divination such as astrology, Tarot, I Ching, and Palmistry have been companions and teachers for me.  These tools have deepened my connection to the Great Mystery unfolding.  They provide an enlightened awareness of Cosmic Order that links together the interrelatedness of all things.  Through constant study and practice, these arcane devices have imparted insight and comprehension into the inner workings and outer influences that give life’s design meaning.