“There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


Intuitive Astrology

Intuitive Astrology provides a deeper understanding about how past, present, and future astrological trends influence and direct your inner and outer worlds. The energy field contained within your astrology charts becomes a conduit for me, a broadband that transmits psychic downloads. From there, a compassionate space is created for an open dialogue where we explore and discuss whatever topics need clarification from an intuitive, astrological perspective.

Transformational Tarot

Each of the 78 Tarot cards is a symbolic image that represents an integral component in the Archetypal Energy Field: the universal patterns of archetypal energy that mirror our collective human experience in metaphorical, symbolic meaning and purpose. Whether you have an inquiry about romance or professional success - a Transformational Tarot reading offers an opportunity to probe deep for answers within the psychic field of probability that connects us all.


Astromantra is a musical portrait rather than a traditional astrological analysis of your natal chart. Astromantra connects the planetary frequencies contained within your natal chart to a personalized piece of music. The “music of the spheres” could be a song, a movement from a symphony, or a piano piece. The vibrational imprint of an Astromantra is a unique energy signature that centers you – a mantra, as it were.