Astrology Services

NATAL CHART: Cosmic Blueprint/Soul Imprint

The Cosmic Blueprint/Soul Imprint natal chart is an essential resource.  The natal chart reveals your nascent potential, supportive opportunities and in-born talents, limitations and challenges, karmic inheritance from previous lives and how your destiny can be best served through a deeper understanding of who you are.


Price: $225

TRANSITS: Growing Forward and Upward

The moon and planets are constantly in motion orbiting around the sun in recurring patterns and cycles.  TRANSITS interpret the meaning and influence the sun, moon and planetary positions have upon you at any given moment in relation to the natal chart.  Transits are the foundation for predictive astrology.  These aspects help us understand and better navigate the “who, what, where and how” through experiences we find ourselves.

Price: $325

The Evolutionary Path Toward Transformation

The Evolutionary Path offers a more comprehensive life course reading.  In addition to covering your natal and transits chart(s), we examine your progressed chart and your annual profection year.   Similar to TRANSITS, Progressions is a method in predictive astrology that maps out personality developments and emotional growth.  We see how your life is evolving and progressing as you mature in years.  Annual Profection year is another method of predictive astrology when a particular zodiacal house and its themes are highlighted and focused upon according to what age you are at the time. 

Price: $435

TAROSTROLOGY: A Tap on the Shoulder

Tarostrology employs intuitive guidance, astrology and Tarot.  One divination tool enhances the other.  It’s uncanny how the seemingly random Tarot cards pulled from the deck correlate to your current astrology – and, vice versa.   Intuitive guidance brings the two together.  Consider a Tarostrology session like a “tap on the shoulder”.  You might excavate inner resources you possess and/or a reservoir of untapped strength you had forgotten – or you might discover alternate paths not considered before that lead to future possibilities. 

Price: $200 / 1 hr


Astrocartography is a branch of astrology that projects your natal planetary energies on the face of the globe.  Sometimes referred to as locational – or relocational astrology, Astrocartography pinpoints geographical locations where your natal planetary energies are directed.  These living or travel locations will be either supportive or inauspicious according to how your natal planetary energies are expressed positively or negatively.  Astrocartography can be used to find places around the globe where you’ll prosper, feel energized and inspired to fulfill your ambitions.  Conversely, the map will show places to avoid.

Price: $150 / 1 hour

SYNASTRY: Is S/He the “One”?

Synastry is an astrological method that helps determine likely compatibility and relationship potential between two or more individuals by interfacing their natal charts.  A synastry relationship chart shows how the planetary chemistry between individuals communicates and expresses itself.  Is s/he the “one” – or someone who will present challenges, perhaps avoid?

Price: $200 / 1 hour


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