"Like Nostradamus, Jost is a gifted visionary for our time. He's proven his gift of prophecy time after time with extraordinary accuracy."
Betsey Lewis
Author and Internationally-renowned Psychic-Medium, Host of Stargate Radio, Earth Mysteries Investigator
"Jost is brilliant. I highly recommend his insights and his guidance on all issues in your life. He has been stunningly accurate for me. And, he has been a guiding light in my life!"
Grace Grella
Psychic Medium & Host of The Grace Grella Show
"The feeling I had after working with Jost was a sense of empowerment. He was able to divine I would soon be doing a performance art piece after being away from the operatic stage twelve years. Within a week, I auditioned and was cast in a world premier of a new work in New York City. Jost also intuited I was of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. I told him he was mistaken. However, 3-4 months later, I learned from my family of origin that I am, in fact, of pure Ashkenazi descent. Jost had been spot on! Jost is a "waker-upper". I felt seen and understood by Jost in a way I had previously been hesitant to see myself. I left our session illuminated, as if someone had turned on lights in rooms prior dark. I recommend Jost with great affection and enthusiasm if you are seeking someone to help guide you on your journey here on Planet Earth."
Natalie Levin
Renowned Psychic
"I encourage all of you to get to know my esteemed friend Jost Van Dyke, he is one that I look to often for guidance and rejuvenation.  He is the real deal."
John Koehler
Aquaman OceanDefender,  Former Navy Seal, Radio-host of FINS AND FLUKES
"Jost is a gift for those who seek because he shows us what we can be."
Amanda Cannon
Yoga Teacher / Owner at Restorative Yoga Tallahassee
"Jost is an amazing intellect, an amazing intuitive, with incredible insight into the ways of the world in addition to a profound understanding of the human heart. He is a caring, compassionate reader, filled with love in all he does. He seems (to me anyway) to be pretty amazing at a LOT of different things. I have been blessed to have received several personal readings from him and have shared air space with him several times as a featured guest on my radio show. His work is truly top-notch."
Andrew Brewer
Rock N Roll Psychic
"Jost, your ASTROMANTRA was so deeply touching for me! I was speeechless and brought to tears. It was as if you had held up an ancient mirror of my soul, my life and all of my past lives! Thank you so very much for musically touching my humanity and stretching my spirituality. I will listen to it regularly to help me each day and especially when I am frustrated with life, lives and the human condition! You are so terribly gifted my heart shudders at your light. Due to your insight and watchfulness, I am awake! Honor to you!"
Ann Radtke-Curry
Reiki Master, Trauma Release Specialist, NLP Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist
"I love sessions with Jost! He has helped me tremendously to more clearly interpret the bigger picture of my life, and the lessons and growth that have been presented at different phases with an eye to what is next on the horizon and how it all flows together. I'm always in awe of the accuracy of his readings. His intuitive insights are like little sparkling gems that light the path and add a dusting of magic to the whole thing. But, what I think I value the most is the opportunity to indulge my inner mystic and "talk shop" with a seasoned traveler of worlds unseen, unknown."
Paige Apgar
Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner Certified Transformational Life Coach
"Thank You again Jost Van Dyke for my amazing ASTROMANTRA. This piece of music resonates deeply to me, and stirs my Soul. This is truly a unique manifestation 'blend' of your incredible and unusual gifts. Very powerful indeed, and I urge anyone looking for something that 'sings to their Soul' to check this out for themselves." 
Alicia Kent
Transformationalist at Akasha Bloom Love Alchemy & Creative Change Catalyst
"Jost Van Dyke, you are an incredible Human Being. You are very intuitive, with a lot of knowledge under your belt. When you read my chart, I felt like you were reading my soul, not only facts of my present life, but also past lives, and what makes me who I am. I was so inspired by your words and the pearls you offered that will guide my steps into my inner growth. Thank you again for your time and the love you spread with your kind words and insights."
Santina Arcie-Edge
"I had the good fortune to receive a reading from Jost and his insights were spot on! He is a gifted and wise being - and, a wonderful teacher. Especially if you have something that you just can't figure out, he points you in the right direction."
Cathy Towle
Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master
"What can I say about Jost? His spiritual prowess and psychic abilities are beyond what most fathom. Jost's reading for me was profound. He hit on all points - from past life, to this life and the life hereafter. Jost connected with my late mother. What he described - even a message from her - were undeniably pertinent. Detailed, in-depth, soulful and on-point - if you're feeling something brewing inside that needs some light shown upon it - Jost will provide deep kindness and palpable compassion."
Dawn Lindsey
"Could you use a bolt of inspiration? Let me recommend Jost Van Dyke, who just zapped me up with a jolt of genius that has opened my eyes, mind and horizons. Quick, insightful, articulate and fun!"
Kathy Biehl
Astrologer and Owner at Empowerment Unlimited
"A perceptive and intuitive soul, Jost articulately, responsibly and thoughtfully services his gifts. I engaged Jost to interpret my astrological chart and not only did we have an in-depth review, but he armed me with follow-up information so that I could personally delve deeper into his findings. Within the year following my consultation, several forecasted events manifested. His expertise and intimate familiarity with all things astrological is astounding and I'm thankful to have been a benefactor."
Jamie Lee
"I HIGHLY recommend Jost! He is absolutely amazing and he gets to the core of why you are here. It's what I had been searching for. He offers so much more than just a psychic reading. Not only is Jost down to earth, but he is so incredibly accurate. I am literally blown away!! If you're looking to find someone who can help you peel back the veils of confusion regarding your life calling, and then connect the dots astrologically as to why some of these things have been blocking you from seeing the whole picture, then most definitely Jost is your man! I'm not sure Jost realizes just how important he's been in my transformation. His wisdom and light drew me in and helped me in ways I can't really articulate. Truly. I can honestly say I have never had a more accurate reading, in terms of helping me see through the clouds as to my true purpose in life. It was exactly what I have been searching for!"
Tammy Powell Kilgore
"Wow! That was an incredible reading you did for me. Just right! Thank you from the top, bottom, both sides and smack dab in the middle of my heart dear one!!!! You ROCK!!! "
Glenna Erikson-Bain
Evolutionary Astrologer and Dreamworker
"I have no adequate words to describe the off the charts positive effect of Jost's work. Jost is indeed a rare being. I am absolutely blown away by his depth of obscure, yet deeply meaningful wisdom coupled with his uncanny psychic abilities and knowledge of a connection to All. I find him tuned into frequencies much more complex than most of us are yet able to bring to earth. The sense of being recognized at a 'cellular' level. Yes, even those of us who know astrology and other modalities benefit at times from others' insights and perspectives. Jost is one of the top great minds/channels around."
Dianna McBride
"Holy Everything! What a delightfully refreshing, wicked smart man. I can’t thank you enough for my reading. You certainly have a knack for putting all the pieces together. I can't tell you how very long and hard I kept trying to figure how the picture of my life would unfold. Just another day in Jostland! ​ Thanks for making sense of this past year! I’m “ Gobsmacked !” Everyone should have a Jost Van Dyke session!"
Renee Price
"Meeting Jost changed the way I look at life in general, as well as, my life specifically. His gifts of being able to explain your astrology is amazing. I was also impressed and intrigued by his channeling with me. I had three very "aha moments" during our session. Knowing I have a specific someone surrounding me is comforting. I left with hope, curiosity - and, wanting to hear more. I can't wait to meet with Jost again."
Kellie C.
"I can't thank Jost enough for his enligtenment and guidance throughtout my journey. He truly has a special gift."
Amelia M.
"Jost's reading has inspired and given me such confidence to use my own power and gifts without fear. Since our time together, my heart has been overflowing with faith that progress toward fulfillment lies ahead. Jost is firmly grounded in the NOW with a shining spirit, exuding love."
Pamela C. Marsh
Former US Attorney for the Northern District of Florida
"I have received readings from Jost over the years; and, I so much appreciate the way he always reaches for the deeper understanding that assists me in making sense of my current situation. His brilliant mind shines in his unique grasp of astrology. He has an amazing ability to not only provide a timely and precise astrological reading, but also combines it with an intuitive understanding that is not just a transfer of information, but a rich cosmic portrait that relates to my past, present and future. Jost's razor sharp wit and delightful sense of humor make it a joy to receive a reading from him."
Melody Harris
"When you, your soul that is, incarnates or is born in a specific place and time, it is no random thing. The body you are in has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of sorts. That "VIN" number is your time and place of birth, or your astrological chart. The river of life has many twists, turns, eddies, rapids, and rocks along the way. Knowing what model boat you are in can help you navigate the river more effectively. Helping you navigate through the river of time with HDTV clarity is what Jost Van Dyke can offer you."
"A 'private' prediction you had given me, was rather 'repeated' to me by former military here (Tilbisi), immediately after the 'Meet The Ambassador' event I attended. The suggested 'plan' was very close, in practice very similar, to what you predicted. Well done. Thank you - amazing 'foresight' and 'insight', predictively and otherwise - you have. Much appreciated."
Michael Vanderpool
Fashion Photographer, Filmmaker, Magi Astrologer
"My session with Jost was transformative. I was not the same person when I hung up the phone as I was when I placed the call. I felt like Jost was able to truly see me. I could feel my soul being recognized during the reading which has, in turn, pushed me to recognize and value it in a way I never have before."
Kim H.
"SO left-brained sexy!"
Allie Cheslick
Host of Allie Cheslick Radio, Spiritual Medium/Teacher
"Jost is extremely intuitive, and a very compassionate psychic. He tuned into my energy and was able to read me like a book. Jost helped me understand why I am feeling the way I am and gave me some very helpful guidance. He was able to tap into some of my past life experiences. The funny thing is, I had a Karmic astrology report done before - and Jost was so in-line with my report!"
Margaret S.
"The integrity and valor you stand for and uphold is what sets you apart from the rest and makes you shine."
Pamela Nine
Professional Intuitive Counselor-Mentor
"Jost is an extraordinary human being. His work is visionary."
Gary Kosloski
Violinist and Pedagogue/Owner, VIOLIN CONCEPTS NYC
"I am a skeptic, think out-of-the-box person always open to receiving more of my 'puzzle pieces' so to speak. I’ve had some astrological readings that have helped. However, I’ve never come away with the depth of information that Jost was able to convey. His passion for sharing his ability to interpret my chart in such a way that I could understand and relate to was simply over the top. It became obvious to me that through his life he has acquired a 'toolbox' that he uses to personalize his reading to the individual. In addition, Jost offered his overall observations and suggestions that I received as an empathic, heart-felt bonus. Thank you Jost for being such a loving Human Being!"
Jeannette Reed
Proprietor of Lodestar
"I find your insights into the day's events to add genuine meaning. It's as if you are able to 'tie things together' in a nice bow -- a symbolic blast of reality. You ask questions that need to be asked - yet, ironically, no one is asking. Time. Time and again, I find your posts strangely prophetic in so many ways. Some are clearly aimed at the world, in general and yet - at other times, they strike a personal accord."
Ed Ruiliga
"It has been my pleasure and honor to have received a genuine, honest and complete analysis of my astrological chart. Jost showed tremendous insight with unsurpassed prophetic accuracy."
Desiree M.